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GCMI Nation

The Mission
GCMI NATION© serves as the advocate to life-long entrepreneur learners, and those seeking entrepreneurial enrichment, opportunities for community service, leadership and career development.

The Focus
We want to provide GCMI entrepreneurs and alike with a platform for a continuum of support:

  • access to a network of talented, like-minded professionals
  • contacts to business resources and opportunities
  • entrepreneurial activities, i.e (Workshops, Census Data, Special Event Invitations, etc.)
  • serving your community through volunteer & social service projects
  • promote and help elevate the stature of GCMI through coordinated marketing efforts
  • play an active role in your areas of interest, topical subjects and as speakers

The Vision

GCMI NATION© is dedicated to advancing GCMI’s mission of providing access to quality, professionally focused, entrepreneurial inspired programs and opportunities to prepare start-ups and small businesses for deployment, sustainability, leadership and service.

Connect with us and be a part of the journey! We encourage you to get engaged! Engagement is Key!

Already budding entrepreneurs and creative small business professionals are networking and serving their communities near you. Connect with a fellow GCMI NATION© Alumni today!


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