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Your investment inspires entrepreneurial creativity and empowers GCMI trainees. Gifts of $50, $100, and $200 help sponsor Business ETA training. Funds can be designated for training or for the GCMI loan fund for low income individuals.


GCMI is the only Entrepreneurship Training Program that services low income individuals and families. GCMI allows all participants to explore their ideas, learn how to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and create self sufficiciency for themselves. Your donation allows GCMi to provide training and coaching to all low income participants.


Volunteer Your Time


If you are interested in supporting GCMI in other areas please contact the Executive Director to discuss opportunities.  From teaching a class or seminar, mentoring an aspiring Entrepreneur, or providing support in your expertise or line of business, providing consistent and valuable resources helps our Entrepreneurs grow as business owners. 


30 minutes of your time could be just the edge our entrepreneurs need to become successful!