Flexible microloan financing to established or qualified emerging small businesses within the city of Cincinnati. Purpose: To facilitate growth and retention of small businesses, promote job creation and retention and enhance access to capital. Loans are underwritten, administered, and serviced by the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative (GCMI) with input and direction from the Department of Community Development & Planning. 


How Much Can Be Borrowed The maximum loan amount is $35,000.
Eligible Businesses

For profit businesses with five or fewer employees that have adequate historic or projected cash flow to repay the debt. The owner may be one of the employees.

Ineligible Businesses Loans cannot be made to social service agencies, to care for or rehabilitate people; religious institutions; non-profit service providers; or private clubs with membership restrictions. Loans cannot be used for venture capital investments or for any use prohibited by City, State, or Federal Regulation of Law.
How Funds Can Be Used

Loan proceeds may be used for any legitimate business purpose including: permanent working capital, machinery and equipment, tenant improvements, construction and renovations and acquisition of real estate.

General Requirements

MicroCity Fund loans cannot be used to refinance existing debt. Loans are for eligible Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program activities that meet National Objectives for job creation/retention, low-moderate income area benefit or prevention/elimination of slum and blight. Borrowers must comply with city environmental requirements, maintain the business within City limits for the entire loan term and demonstrate ability to repay loan within a reasonable time period.

Dispursement Loan proceeds are done on a controlled disbursement.